Canadian firms continue to illegally ship trash to the Philippines despite warnings by the Filipino government 

Canadian investors are proposing a spectacular plan to build a floating airport to serve Bali

Canadian businesses must actively grow their export share to markets throughout Asia  

Vancouverites rallied this past weekend against the soaring cost of housing 

Hidden diner serves up large portions at extremely affordable prices to patrons   

Winners of the Surrey Board of Trade's Top 25 Under 25 have been chosen based on a variety of criteria

Customers can have more prepaid voice and text plans along with incredible international talk rates

The Travel Assurance Fund helps those who have not been compensated by their travel agents  

North Surrey auto dealership recently rolled up its sleeves to clean the world's largest freestanding flagpole


University students in the United States are harsher on teachers with Asian-sounding surnames

Age: 18
Ethnicity: Canadian
Sign: Taurus

Ethnic minorities are not represented properly within Canadian politics  

Asian Underground pioneer helped to found Anokha Nights in London  


10th annual charity event took place this past weekend in Vancouver

Annual fashion showcases beauty and grace in all its forms 

This week we compare luxury homes in Manila and Vancouver 

Coast fresh seafood from BC will be showcased at festival in Comox Valley

Local eatery serves up some of the best brunch within Downtown Vancouver 

Mother's Day provides an opportunity for mother and child to bond through fashion