Jihadist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS are gaining support throughout South East Asia

Outspoken anti- gay activist abandons his homeland for the Philippines in hopes of spreading his controversial teachings 

A new wholesale pricing system for liquor retailers comes into effect throughout the province this month

The fight for American real estate is heating up between these two Asian rivals 

The myth of young voters leaning to the political left is greatly exaggerated 

Vancouver man had immigrated to Canada in the early 2000's from China

PICS Society needs to raise $1 million by December to retain the two-acres for proposed facility

Recent studies indicate Indians are some of the highest consumers of pornographic material in the world 

Submitting inaccurate information on your application can lead to a 5-year ban


For many South Asian families, sex education classes have become a contentious issue

Age: 18
Ethnicity: Korean
Sign: Cancer

The second annual BC Business 30 Under 30 list was recently unveiled

Chinese restaurant renowned for its savory Hainanese chicken

Local shop serves up organic soft serve ice cream made with Avalon organic milk

Birthday celebrations serve as an excellent opportunity to showcase fashion 

Local eatery provides delicious eats to patrons at affordable prices 

This week's excerpt compares dwellings  in Jakarta and Vancouver 

Star of Ultra Rich Asian Girls graces the cover of this week's profile 

Annual event took place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the heart of the city