Judges: CIBC supports clients who break China’s cash-export laws to buy Vancouver homes

Chinese tourists have been reminded by overseas embassies to behave well during the weeklong National Day holiday

The provincial government is working with the CLBC group to honor inclusive communities 

Vancouver Fashion Week featured international designers, models and up-and-comers

Although underwelming thus far, Fat Mao has long term potential to be successful 

This week excerpt compares homes of a similar value in both Indonesia and Downtown Vancouver 

A new Chinese crime drama, Blood and Water, debuts on Omni, starting with two back-to-back episodes

In the new Express Entry immigration program, you are subject to an upfront pre-assessment of your qualifications

Being registered to vote is essential to casting a ballot in this October's election

IVF treatments are covered in 28 out of 34 OECD countries but currently not in Canada


Ethnicity: Chinese
Sign: Pisces

BC singer Diana Krall honoured guest of luxury diamond jeweler

The act of creation in the face of imminent danger liberates our spirit

Father-Daughter duo will perform at the Creekside Rec Centre on October 23rd

Along with modeling, this week's artist works as a Freelance Fashion Stylist

Four LaSalle College students recently showcased their designs 

Local restaurant well renowned for it's high quality fresh seafood selection 

Bill C-24 can revoke the citizenship of any Canadian. Do we stand by in silence?


Author Gordon Allan recently launched his fantasy-inspired book Edwin and the Quest