The Philippines is projected to become one of the 32 largest economies in the next 35 years

A textbook ban to curtail “western values in China” could turn out to be a disasterous for Canadian educational institutions 

When expressing thoughts and belief one must never infringe on the personal rights of others 

Certain faith groups such as Sikhs are currently better represented than others, like Muslims 

This week we compare properties of a similar value in both Baththaramulla, Sri Lanka and Vancouver 

Canada’s leading polytechnic university hosts its annual Surrey Open House on Feb. 28


Local society will be establishing an income tax clinic at the end of the month and will run till April

Chinese new year encompass an array of feasts and family celebrations throughout the world 

49th annual fundraiser helps kids with special needs get the support they need to overcome critical illnesses 

Despite some bad reviews, local establishment does have some dishes worth trying 

Age: 20
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sign: Gemini

At the turn of the 20th century in the US, immigrant Sikhs were called a 'Dusky Peril'

Local artist has already left an impact on the music scene in the Lower Mainland 

Local eatery provides an array of mouth watering dishes to patrons 

Well known Egyptian designer showcases a myriad of unique designs 

Competition uses fashion to connect cultures, will send winner to compete in China 

Turquoise Hill Resources denies allegations of mass eviction for mining project


The inner workings of Hangr Inc are disclosed during this week's excerpt 

This week's excerpt compares luxury properties in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Vancouver