Filipinos say “I love you” the most in Asia: study

When it comes to love, Vietnamese and Filipinos top the charts states a new study that decodes relationship dynamics and highlights relationship trends in Asia.

The Prudential survey, conducted by independent research firm Ipsos, asked people in Asia how much their primary relationships fulfill them. Vietnam came first with the highest score of 83 percent, followed by people in the Philippines and Indonesia. The region's average was 68 percent.

Every week, 8 percent of people in Vietnam think about leaving their partner, the lowest rate in Asia compared to the highest rate of 28 percent in Thailand.

Vietnamese also argue very little. The survey found almost one in four Asians argues with their partners every week, but it happens with only 7 percent of the people in Vietnam.

The survey interviewed more than 5,000 adults from 10 Asian markets. Japan was not included.

Here are some of the findings

Findings suggest "being easy to get along with" and "laughter" are key attributes of healthy relationships. However, while many couples offer expressions of love to each other, they often argue over money matters. Many also feel that digital technology is disrupting their relationships.

Here are the highlights of the study;

Who has the best relationships overall?

In Asia, people's primary relationships fulfill 68% of their relationship needs. People in Vietnam expressed greatest fulfillment with their relationships (83/100), followed by the Philippines (79/100) and Indonesia (73/100).

Who are most fulfilled with their partners?

85% of the adults surveyed in Asia are in a relationship with a partner, including 69% who are married. Again, the Vietnamese are the most fulfilled by their relationships with their partners, with an average relationship score of 83/100 followed by the Philippines (74/100) and Indonesia (69/100).

What do people want the most from their partner?

The one thing that people in Asia want most from an ideal partner is that they are easy to get along with (68%). This is particularly true in Singapore with 77% citing it as a desirable attribute from an ideal partner. It is least important in Indonesia (56%). Laughter is also reported as vital to relationship fulfilment, with 63% stating that an ideal partner would make them laugh or smile. Laughter is most important among adults in the Philippines (79%) and Thailand (75%).

Who says “I love you” the most?

57% of adults in Asia tell their partners that they love them at least once each week. Expressions of love are most important in the Philippines: 87% of Filipinos tell their partners they love them every week, including 68% who do so every day. It is the lowest in Hong Kong with just 39% of adults doing so each week. However, only 29% of people in Hong Kong consider it important that an ideal partner offers expressions of love, also the lowest proportion in the region.

Who wants to leave?

Each week, 20% of those surveyed in Asia seriously think about leaving their partners. People in Thailand think about leaving their partner the most (28%) and people in Vietnam the least (8%). 24% of couples in Asia argue with each other every week, 65% do so at least once a month and 7% every day.

What makes people argue the most in Asia?

In Asia as a whole, money (39%), children (39%) and lack of attention (33%) are the most likely sources of arguments. These are closely followed by housework (28%) and drinking or smoking (26%). Money is the biggest source of arguments in Vietnam (55%), Malaysia (41%), the Philippines (46%) and Thailand (46%). People in Cambodia (23%) and Hong Kong (29%) argue about money the least. With couples arguing regularly over money matters, the research also revealed almost one-third (32%) did not seek for help with their financial planning.

Friend or foe?

Filipinos have the highest relationship score in the region with their best friends at 50/100. Filipinos particularly enjoy companionship with their friends and are the most likely in the region to want friends to enjoy doing things with them (71%). Laughter is also very important: 59% of those surveyed in Asia want their friends to make them laugh or smile. This is also highest in the Philippines (69%) as well as Thailand (68%) and Vietnam (66%) but lowest in Cambodia (43%).

Is technology disrupting relationships?

Many feel that technology is disrupting their relationships at home. 37% of adults in Asia say that their partners sometimes prefer their smartphones to being intimate. 31% admit that they themselves prefer their smartphones to being intimate with their partners. This situation is most acute in Thailand where 51% say their partners prefer their phones to intimacy. In view of this disruption, 82% would consider having technology-free days in order spend more time with other people, including 32% who say they already do so.

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