Restaurant Review: Yogi Korean Snack Bar

By Grace Cheung,
Special to the Post


Yogi Korean Snack Bar is a small and narrow shop right on Robson near Davie Street. Their name is deceiving as they do serve more than snacks!

I ordered one of the three different types of the Bibimbap - the Bulgogi. I also love the Kim Mari which is deep fried seaweed with vermicelli in the middle.

The dish comes with kimchi and clear soup. They will also serve you tea if you’re eating in. The vegetables in my bibimbap were fresh. The meat was a little on the dry side but still enjoyable. I was a little surprised how filling this dish was. It may not seem like much but it is a good portion size.

I liked the Kim Mari. It was nice and crispy on the outside and the vermicelli was slightly sweet and chewy on the inside.

I love Korean food and if I’m craving a filling bibimbap in this area, I’d definitely revisit again.


Yogi Korean Snack Bar

1706 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC


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