Restaurant Review: Fortune Terrace

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


We began with the Pea Tips with dried scallops & shrimp in soup. The tender pea tips were still crunchy and vibrant. They were mildly seasoned but with the generous amount of briny & salty dried shrimp and scallops, there was enough impact. The Baked Egg Yolk Paste Buns were fluffy and soft. Inside, the runny but not thin, yolk custard was purposefully sweet while creamy.

The Supreme Three Treasure Rice Roll arrived as a large square. It was overstuffed with eggplant, silky tofu and scallops. The noodle was on the chewier side, but I didn't mind. The Shrimp & Chive Spring Rolls had a firmly crunchy exterior that was easy on the grease. Inside, the whole shrimp filling was moist while having a sweet snap. It was seasoned enough.

The Steamed Chicken Feet in Supreme Sauce were plump and on point texturally. The skin was tender while not mushy where the cartilage and fat underneath was buttery, yet not melted. The Steamed Pork Rib & Taro in Garlic Sauce was executed nicely too.

The Xiao Long Bao had a thick skin that was doughy. However, on the inside, the pork filling was succulent and tender. It was more sweet than savoury with only a small amount of soup.

In general, the Dim Sum at Fortune Terrace was above average with some highlights. Yes, the pricing is on the higher end and for many. It just isn't worth it. I wouldn't mind coming back, but just not very often.


Fortune Terrace

6200 River Rd #130, Richmond, BC


The Good:

• Above average Dim Sum

•  Some interesting items


The Bad:

• Of course pricey

• Service was not bad, but they insisted that our siu mai was not missing, but they didn't even put in the order... twice...


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