Restaurant Review: Brix & Mortar

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


We had the Orange & Fennel with smoked yogurt, house cured duck prosciutto, Banyuls vinaigrette and walnuts.  This was refreshing and crunchy. The sweet and acidic notes were balanced off by the salty prosciutto. The earthy beets and the yogurt were tangy. The Spinach & Rocket Salad was served with warmed truffle & bacon vinaigrette, focaccia crumble, frisée and poached free range egg. The truffle was strong while the bacon was meaty and salty. Loved the creamy egg.

The Humboldt Squid was was tossed with gai lan in a ginger soy glaze. The squid pieces were tender with an appealing chewiness had a wonderful mouth-feel. The glaze was savoury with acidity and Earthiness with some spiciness and didn’t overwhelm the squid. The gai lan was crunchy and vibrant. The Fresh Steamed Mussels were ordinary but were very briny with a huge hit of the sea. The broth was disappointing.

The Brome Lake Duck Breast brushed with Sorghum and accompanied by chorizo sausage & cornbread sauté and juniper pickled peaches was tender and mildly seasoned. The Pork Cheek Tagliatelle with Gelderman Farms confit pork cheek and garlic with poached egg & pickled shimeji was a fairly creamy pasta with garlic as well as the light tartness of the mushrooms. The pasta was al dente while the modest amount of pork cheek was a touch dry. Considering it’s located in Yaletown combined with fairly well-executed eats, the prices at Brix & Mortar are quite reasonable. I would come back.


Brix & Mortar

1138 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC


The Good:

• Reasonably-priced for Yaletown

• Generally good eats

• Attentive service


The Bad:

• We enjoyed the food, but some dishes could've used further refinement

• Not specific to this restaurant, but parking is both expensive and scare in the area


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