Restaurant Review: Falconetti's East Side Grill

By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


Falconetti's is famous for their house-made sausages paired with their beers on tap, but they threw their hat into the ring for the burger challenge

We started with the Smokin' Wingswith honey garlic sauce. The exterior was fried beautifully with fully rendered skin. It was crispy while the meat was still juicy. The wings didn't have a lot of inherent seasoning which was no problem since they were house-smoked. We could really taste the depth-of-flavour. Next, we had the Maui Zaui consisting of short ribs marinated in spices and then grilled.On the surface, they looked like grilled Korean short ribs, but they weren't. Rather, they were much meatier and the flavours were not as sweet. They were on the chewier side, but I didn't mind the natural texture.

The Smokehouse Steakburger was sporting house sirloin beef with smoky gouda cheese, house cherry-wood smoked bacon, sweet pickled red onion and chopped romaine slathered with Tennessee whiskey tomato jam and grainy mustard on a Cabernet bun. This simple burger was really good. The thick meat patty was moist and juicy while the ingredients created a smoky, sweet and tangy combination of flavours. We had to have one of their house-made sausages in the Honey Bratwurst. It was a sweet concoction as the name suggested with honey mustard and caramelized onions. The brat itself had a nice exterior snap while bursting with juiciness. Compared to my previous two visits here, this one was the strongest. Food was on point and prices didn't hurt the wallet either.


Falconetti's East Side Grill

1812 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC


The Good:

• Well-prepared eats, especially for a pub restaurant

• Reasonably-priced

• Music on the weekends


The Bad:

• Fairly small space and get packed easily on the weekends


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