Laurence Magtoto is a member of CUPE Local 389 in North Vancouver

Jiayi Li is a Cashier at Safeway and member of the UFCW Local 1518

Sara Johl is a Medical/ Surgical Assesment Nurse and Lobbyist for the BCNU

Once a Chinese labour camp worker Tommy Liu speaks about now being an integral part of the HEU 

Wei Chen is a Dealer at the Starlight Casino and member of the BCGEU

Ashad Ali is a Pharmacy Technician and  member of the UFCW

Antonious is a Air Canada flight attendant as well as a member of CUPE 

Reshmi Lal is a Care aide and member of the HEU

Larry Jandu is a community social services worker and a memeber of the BCGEU

Shenaz is a Research awards officer at UBC and a member of CUPE


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