A new concept for booking accommodation online gives travellers the chance to name the price they want to pay for a room — so long as it’s reasonable.

The historic town of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province is known for its history

Besides rock climbing, this beautiful area of Thailand has a lot more to offer 

Tourists looking for a seaside vacation can visit Cua Lo and Cua Hoi beaches 

East Timor is an Asian country with the laid back feeling of small island nation 

Taiwan has the highest concentration and variety of hot springs in the world

“Nearly 60 per cent of all marine species are located in the Verde Island Passage..."

Krabi, located 45 kilometers southeast of Phuket is Thailand’s largest island

1.4 million travellers visited Guatemala, a beautifully scenic country in Central America

Ever wonder what it’s like to swim in a large aquarium teeming with colourful coral fish?


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