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Vancouver-based entrepreneur discusses the agony of having fake claims made against himself

Influential pastor from the Philippines seeks asylum in Canada due to death threats

The best candidates for the presidency are locked in a tight battle with the rest of the field

Mobile users are more likely to fall victim to cyberattacks in Asia than in any other part of the world

Recent survey finds residents of China, India and Indonesia are most optimistic about the global economic future

Voter information was recently compromised during a recent hacking of the Comlec website

About 5,000 Asian millionaires left their homeland for Canada during the past 12 months

The extinct human species dubbed the "Hobbit" vanished almost 40,000 years earlier then previously recorded

Chinese propoganda newspaper praises citizen for hacking into U.S defense establishment

Recent pilot study underscores mental health strain as the greatest burden temporary foreign workers carry


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