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Name: Rachel Kito | Age: 27;  Title: Business Manager; Salary Potential: $40,000 - $70,000

Stung by the penniless end of some of Bollywood’s former giants, a new generation of movie stars is turning entrepreneurial.

Larry Edward Parker, a 60-year-old Canadian attempting to cash in on the fabled Yamashita treasure of the Philippines was murdered by a fake gold bars gang.

Foreigners, including Canadians, are making a beeline for Pakistan as the country makes headlines for its "kidney bazaar." 

Nine of Meggie Palma’s collections were showcased at the prestigious Vancouver Fashion Week held at the Empire Landmark Hotel recently.

The new government is expressing concerns about espionage in Canada by Beijing.

At Vancouver International Airport, Korean travellers are rejected on a daily basis by Immigration, says Choi Jang-sun, head of Korean Air in B.C.

The famous bar girls of Mumbai are dusting off their dancing shoes after a court overturned a government ban on dance bars.

"My husband would rather use herbal remedies when he is sick.What if it gets to the point when it's too late?” Dr Jenny Yang answers.

Name: Kelly Kung; Age: 19; Ethnicity: Taiwanese; Astrological sign: Leo; Currently studying: Douglas College


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