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With South Korea’s fourth-placed finish in 2002 now just a memory, Asia’s four soccer World Cup qualifiers have turned their attention towards Germany.

JapaMala Resort’s villas and chalets, called Sarang (nests in Malay), are barely visible from one another, assuring complete seclusion.

A Filipina maid has been convicted of culpable homicide for killing fellow domestic worker whose head and limbs were found in a Singapore shopping centre.

Feng Bo was a teacher in Shanghai. Three years ago he left for Toronto. On April 9, he was found dead in his basement suite.

Spice up your palates with the delectable ingredients of some hot Asian dishes including baked mackarel with Sichuan pepper

Name: Jennifer Nguyen; Age: 18; Ethnicity: Vietnamese; Astrological sign: Scorpio; Currently studying: Makeup artistry

The Jassi case is not the only one that has given rise to a perception the RCMP is ineffective.

Vietnam police investigating a high profile corruption case involving government officers in Hanoi have arrested a Canadian who is reputedly the head of an international criminal synd

Summer is here - time to fire up the backyard barbecue. Here are some Asian barbecue recipes to spice up your meals.

"They only want what others eat and that is burgers or snacks. Besides that the lunch hour is only made up of 10 minutes eating time - is this enough?" Shefali Raja answers.


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