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Name: Kelly Kung; Age: 19; Ethnicity: Taiwanese; Astrological sign: Leo; Currently studying: Douglas College

Mathew Pulakkavil; Age: 31; Occupation: Controller; Company: CSAV Agency Ltd. Salary range in the industry: $30,000-$40,000 entry level, $60,000-$90,000 management level

A defrocked American priest wanted on sex charges was hiding out in Malaysia before he was busted re-entering the U.S.via the B.C. border.

By banning the Tamil Tigers, the Conservative government says it has come down on the side of democracy.

A Filipino caregiver is being forced by red tape in Canada to go back to life of poverty and an abusive husband...

With over 36,200 kilometers of coastline and 7,000 islands, the Philippine archipelago is a drug smuggler’s paradise.

Prior to this case, Canadian courts have refused to grant damages for spousal deceit when a marriage fails.

B.C court orders "cad" of a husband to pay thousands to his wife for abandoning her after he arrived in Canada.

The BC government is injecting millions of dollars in new, dedicated funding into B.C.'s Integrated Gang Task Force (IGTF) to help it continue the crackdown on criminal gangs.

Wang Suwei holds the purse strings in her family. Each month, her husband hands his salary to her.


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