Restaurant Review: Shake Shake Tea


By Sherman Chan,
Special to The Post


When I tried the Oolong Tea  I thought it was just right in terms of sweetness. The tea was in the background. Sporting the same light milkiness, the jasmine tea had a richer aroma that had an appealing faint bitter finish.  The grass jelly or pudding was the right compliment.

Caramel Tea with pearls had a strong smoky rich sweetness. Texturally, the pearls were on point being chewy, yet not too hard. The Black Sugar with pearls didn't give us sugar shock. It would've been better with grass jelly.

I tried the Lychee Yogurt which was refreshing and light. I got it at 75% sweetness which was perfect. Adding coconut jelly would be a good. The lychee flavour was not overwhelming. The Super Mango Slush relied on natural sweetness.  However, we would've preferred it to be blended more aggressively as there were ice crystals. 

We got the Wintermelon and it was a lot less sweeter than the one at Gong Cha. Sugar didn’t overwhelm the natural flavours. This was at 100% sweetness too! The Peach Green Tea was refreshing and light.  Again, the 100% sweetness was on point where it didn't interfere with the peach and green tea flavours and wasn’t bitter.

We also tried their Jar Desserts. The Rocher Moussedid taste like a Ferraro Rocher being sweet and nutty. The cake portion was moist and not too sweet. The mousse was creamy and light. But the Caramel Banana Mousse was very sweet due to the banana bread. The Matcha Granola Mousse was my favourite. I could taste the matcha, but it wasn't too strong. The desserts are pretty pricey. As for those drinks, I thought the sugar level was bang on, however, the tea flavour could've been more impactful.


Shake Shake Tea

131-4600 No 3 Road, Richmond, BC


The Good:

• Spot on sweetness at 100% level

• Decent fruit flavours

• Jar desserts are not too sweet


The Bad:

• Tea flavours could be stronger

• Jar desserts are pricey

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