Restaurant Review: Siga Siga’s Filipino Food

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We ordered the wings, stuffed barbecue squid and the chicken and garlic rice. The gentleman who ran the store (and also cooked our meal) was very friendly. I’m assuming he was the owner. He disappeared in the back to make our food.

The chicken wings were overcooked and dry, but with the sauce it was served with (a mix of vinegar, garlic and pepper) was its saving grace.

The chicken leg and garlic rice comes with a small bowl of salad. The salad helped cut the heaviness of the meal. The chicken flavouring on the exterior is good, but again, a bit dry on the inside. I didn’t really feel like this was garlic rice, it tasted more like Greek rice and it didn’t have much of a garlic taste to it either.

Finally, we ordered the stuffed squid. My dad makes something similar at home, but with fish. I felt that the vegetables inside – tomato and onions were a bit too overcooked. The squid was good, a bit on the chewy side with a couple burnt areas, but enjoyable with the vinegar sauce we were using for everything else.

Siga Siga’s is one of the more affordable Filipino food places in the city, but I’d be more inclined to pay for better quality food. I’d definitely like to come back and try other dishes to give it another shot, but overall I felt the meal I had during this experience was underwhelming.


Siga Siga’s Filipino Food

650 East Broadway Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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