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The resort’s undersea restaurant - the only one of its kind in the world - was voted the Best Innovative Concept prize.

Susan Bouphasavanh; Ethnicity: Thai; Astrological sign: Aquarius; Currently studying: International GMAT

BC Fashion Week announces production and release of two projects aimed at promoting innovations and trends in sport and outerwear in Western Canada.

Until last week, no one had the facts on class size in B.C.'s public schools. Now, thanks to the most comprehensive report ever produced by the Ministry of Education, we have the facts.

EXCLUSIVE: Jassi's love letter to Mithu on Valentine's Day and photos of her killers in this modern day tale of Romeo and Juliet.

US grand jury indicts former Bank of China managers and their wives over a scheme to defraud the state-owned bank of US $485 million.

"My parents worked hard like many immigrant I learned from them how important it is to persevere through difficult situations."

Taiwan authorities are planning to work with Canada to dismantle a Vancouver-based drug trafficking ring they say was run by a language tutor from BC.

When self-styled Lebanese billionaire Najem declared that he was donating US 275 million for cancer research in Malaysia, the alarm bells started ringing in Winnipeg.

Ruby Chang; Age: 20; Ethnicity: Taiwanese; Astrological sign: Gemini; Currently studying: Interactive Arts & Technology


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